Wet Style Bath tub with fixtures

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Wet Style Bath tub with fixtures
This Wet Style brand tub (model BOV 01-62) is both 
stylish and modern.Oval-shaped with narrow edges, the
bathtubs are like personal cocoons, sanctuaries from the
outside world, guaranteed to alleviate your stress and wash
away your worries. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing from
all angles, OVE models are ideal for bathrooms that open into
adjoining bedrooms. This tub measures inches 62 x 26 x 24.75 mm 1574.8 x 660.4 x 628.65.
This bathtub has never been used, and has a small chip on the
backside at the bace (see pics) It comes with the fixtures, ready to be installed. (This tub is selling online, new for $3,196 without the fixtures)
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